For many people, obtaining and maintaining healthy and moisturized skin is a daily chore. Sometimes multiple times a day depending on what you put on your skin. When you think you are helping your skin you are actually causing harm to it and making it need more and more of the lotion you just put on it. What you need to start doing is using homemade body butter. Why, you may ask? The reason is simple. Your store bought lotions are actually drying out your skin over time causing you to need more and more of it. Sneaky right? Well that’s business for you.

Here are some reasons to why using homemade body butters/lotions is better for you and your skin.

Homemade Body Butter Has No Water or Chemicals

The numerous amount of chemicals and engineered materials in most store bought skin care products is overwhelming. A good part of those chemicals are to not fully moisturize your skin but instead dry it out a little bit, making you need to reapply the product over and over again.

Sure just going to the store and picking up a jar or two is convenient but your skin pays for it in the long-run. Treat your skin right and avoid those drying chemicals when you can.

The butters and oils used to make homemade body butter are wonderful for your skin, now I’m not talking about rubbing a stick of butter from your fridge on your body. Things like shea, cocoa and coconut butter are what is commonly used. Whereas in store bought products the main ingredient is water. Yes, water is good for your skin but it doesn’t give you that long lasting moisture that your skin so desperately needs.

Homemade Body Butter is Great for Super Dry or Sensitive Skin

From the previous point, if you are someone with constant dry or sensitive skin. Those lotions and butters from the store are going to only make matters worse for you. Trust me I know, because I constantly have dry skin and living in New Mexico doesn’t help with that. So I turned to butters and lotions Kristen was making and I have never gone back.

When it comes down to it, it seems like common sense. Do you want something that tries to help you and not only fails but makes the problems worse? No! So why would you do that to your skin, the biggest and most vulnerable organ you have?! Treat it and yourself with respect and care.

Homemade Body Butter Has All the Wonderful Things Your Skin Needs

Many products put in stores go through numerous refining processes, which takes out a lot of the benefits of some of the ingredients. Something that homemade body butters or lotions don’t do. The whole point of these products are to help nurture, replenish and protect your skin. So why would companies take out so much of what could make them good products? To keep you buying more and more, more frequently. You are their customer, not their friend.


When you buy from small businesses like ours your get products made with love, compassion and sometimes a little frustration when something doesn’t work out perfectly and we have to start all over again. You won’t get that from the big companies.

We truly care about you, your well-being and how your skin is taken care of. After all it is the first thing people see, so make it a good first impression!

What are your experiences with homemade body butter or lotion versus store bought products?

Do you have different ways of protecting and nurturing you skin that you are proud of?

Let us and others know in the comments below!

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