benefits of peppermint essential oil

Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is one of the most common and widely used essential oils. It would be a rare and strange thing if you have not come into contact with it at least once if not more in your life. You may not know where is comes from though right? If not don’t worry, we will tell […]

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Cold Process or Hot Process? Is One Better Than The Other?

For many newcomers to soap-making, that is the question they face. Is one better than the other, or is one considered better quality? In the case of Cold Process vs Hot Process, we have the verdict. Which one do you think it is?

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Homemade Body Butter Vs. Store Bought Body Butter

For many people, obtaining and maintaining healthy and moisturized skin is a daily chore. Sometimes multiple times a day depending on what you put on your skin. When you think you are helping your skin you are actually causing harm to it and making it need more and more of the lotion you just put on it. What you need to start doing is using homemade body butter. Why, you may ask? The reason is simple. Your store bought lotions are actually drying out your skin over time causing you to need more and more of it. Sneaky right? Well that’s business for you.

Here are some reasons to why using homemade body butters/lotions is better for you and your skin.

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5 Everyday Benefits of Using Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli oil rose to fame in the west during the hippie movement of the 60’s. Many years before that it was used as a medicine in Asian cultures. Now in today’s world, Patchouli Oil is making a come back for it’s many beneficial uses rather than just for it’s scent.

We will go through some of the amazing uses of this quintessential oil below!

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Handmade Soaps Are Better For You

You may be asking yourself, “Well why are handmade soaps better for me?”  “Why can’t I just keep using stuff I bought from the store?” You ever get out of a shower and notice that your skin feels a little dry? The skin may also be tighter than usual like it is being stretched? If so, that is why you should stop using store bought soap. The reason why your skin feels like that? Chemicals, usually lots of them is the main reason for that.

Let’s take a look at some common problems with store bought soaps. After that you can decide what is best for you, though I am willing to bet you will most likely look into buying something someone made.

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Lavender Oil: Benefits of the Popular Essential Oil

If you are to use any essential oil at all. Then lavender is it!

For over two millennia lavender has been used for a variety of  purposes. From adding scent to bath, body and hair. Healing cuts and enhancing mood, reducing stress and many more. Still to this day many people use it for the same reasons, making lavender the most popular and widely used essential oil of all.

Here are several was you can include lavender oil in your daily life!

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