Thieves Oil - Liquid Soap


Thieves Oil liquid soap smells of cinnamon, clove, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus and a touch of sage! We call our thieves oil blend Shield. According to legend, the concoction was created by a group of four thieves and grave robbers to protect themselves from contracting the plague while robbing the bodies of the ill and deceased. When apprehended, the thieves admitted to using the formula and disclosed the recipe in order to receive a less severe punishment for their crimes. Whether or not this story is true, the essential oils in this blend may be beneficial during the winter months and are known for their anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. And it just smells really good!

Since we need to wash our hands more often why not use something completely natural! This hand soap and shower gel are completely handmade with 90% Olive oil for a rich and moisturizing lather that leaves skin supple and smooth. With the added skin-loving combination of vitamin B5, and coconut oil!

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❤️10% of all sales will be donated to Kitchen Angels here in Santa Fe indefinitely while we all are facing these uncertain times.
Here is a break down of these wonderful ingredients!

Approx 9 fluid oz

* Coconut oil excellent moisturizer and antimicrobial.

* Olive Oil rich in antioxidants, repairs cell damage, excellent moisturizer for supple skin

* DL-Panthenol also known as Pro-Vitamin B5 is super moisturizing, leaving skin soft and smooth

A wonderfully elegant handmade natural liquid soap perfect to wash away your day.

Made with meticulous care and unconditional love just for you!

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