The Bohemia Boutique was born out of two things. A passion for truly good-for-you bath and body products, that are without all the harmful chemicals and additives that are so commonly found in most major brands. Then the need for such products in New Mexico and have them be affordable. A lot of people take advantage of something made here in this wonderfully mysterious area and then charge the price for it.
We believe that taking care of yourself and your skin should be easy on you and your wallet, without sacrificing any beneficial ingredients that others charge so much for.
We avoid any and all potentially dangerous and useless ingredients which are so commonly found in bath products. Most of them are to only make a soap have extra lather or have lotions actually dry your skin out with use over time, causing you to keep buying their product faster and faster.
You won’t find that here at The Bohemia Boutique. We use only natural and perfectly safe ingredients that your body can easily recognize and that you can easily pronounce.
Our passion for our products is what keeps us going, even if it means you don’t buy every week. To us, that means our product is working the way it should.
Kristen and Steven - The Bohemia Boutique
Kristen - Founder, Crafter, Designer | Steven - Co-Founder, Customer Service
Thank you for visiting our shop, we hope our passion and work is to your benefit!
If you have any questions about any of our products, ingredients or policies send us a message through our contact page: HERE